How it works

Look how the money from your subscription helps Jewish farmers, artisans, and families

Main steps

Website subscription

1.Website subscription

You enter your contacts,
shipping address and make
a payment.
Collecting money

2.Collecting money

We collect money from
all subscribers for the
current month.
Choosing producers

3.Choosing producers

We choose those who need help and make high-quality products. Each month we choose 7-9 producers with different products.
Buying and producing

4.Buying and producing

We make a big order, producers complete and send it to us.
Box packing

5.Box packing

We collect products from different producers in our stock. From the 1st until the 5th of each month, we pack boxes.
Sending and shipping

6.Sending and shipping

On the 5th of each month we send packages all over the world. Shipping usually takes 1–3 weeks.

And the most pleasant – receive the surprise-box, enjoy your surprise goodies and repeat.

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How do you help our producers?

Producers receive a large order, complete it, and send the products to Lev Haolam. They become known worldwide and used the received money to hire new employers, buy new equipment, find opportunities to produce and growing more on their land.

Why it so important?

Your money goes directly to people, who are already developing the Land of Israel, working hard and making good quality products. Thats why you will get the satisfaction of knowing that your money directly supports small family-owned businesses.
We don't need donations — we want to work

See how your money impacts life in Judea & Samaria. You really make a difference:

Whom we have already helped